Artwork Guidelines

Whether it’s a digital file or a psychical business card that you need us to re-create, we can work with most everything you give us. However, some are better than others. If you have art available that matches the guidelines below you could possibly save some time and money. If not, that’s okay – we’ll make it work.

Preferred File Formats

Vector Formats

Raster Formats

Differences Between
Vector and Raster


  • Can be infinitely scaled
  • Clean, crisp edges. No pixelation.
  • Preferred for screen print, promotional products, and printed materials.


  • Can not be scaled past original size.
  • Pixelated edges.
  • Great for embroidery and website artwork.

25 years of Industry Experience

Founded in 1997, Logo Envy got its start by providing promotional products and has since grown from that small single office into a company that provides logo and graphic design, screen print, embroidery, print services, promotional products, and eCommerce websites from their downtown Wichita headquarters.